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Photo of the Gallagher Lake Lodge Motel
Photo of the Gallagher Lake Lodge Motel
Photo of the Gallagher Lake Lodge Motel
Photo of the Gallagher Lake Lodge Motel

Description of Gallagher Lake Lodge Motel : Ray and Ida extend a gracious welcome to all of our guests and invite you to enjoy our recently renovated rooms. Our dazzling summer is fast approaching and it is time to be making plans for a delightful getaway to our cozy resort on the beach at Gallagher Lake. Spring planting is just around the corner and the cherry trees will soon be in full flower. May and June are wonderful months to visit this area. The traffic is light, the golf courses less crowded and the weather is beautiful! We are located on Highway 97 just 25 minutes south of Penticton and 8 minutes north of Oliver. To continue the tour, please hit next below and enjoy this intimate peek at our little piece of paradise.

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Traveler Reviews of Gallagher Lake Lodge Motel

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Sad after 41 years!

It is with regret that after 41 yrs of this being out families (5 families) annual destination that we will no longer be vacationing at Gallagher Lake Lodge Motel. New owners and management have not made the experience relaxing and enjoyable and are very rules driven (e.g. cannot sit on the grassy area with towels or chairs)and are very rude to guests.

Also sad

My family has been going to Gallagher Lake Lodge for almost 40 years and we also think the new managers are terrible. They are incredibly unfriendly and have been the reason several of our friends have stopped going to GLL. They claim that sitting on the grass with towels kill it, yet in all my years of laying on or even sleeping on the grass on towels or the old fabric air matresses the grass was never damaged. Suddenly it's a problem? When our kids were little we'd bring blow up pools for them to safely play in and again, the grass was never damaged. This year's rule of NO VISITORS is also ridiculous!! The owners better hurry up and open their eyes. Years ago there was a waiting list to get a room in the summer. This year and for the previous two there were vacancies for the entire week.

I couldn't leave fast enough

This was my first stay at Gallagher Lake Lodge and I couldn't leave fast enough. The rooms were outdated with old furnture and worn out carpet. There was cobwebs and spiders in the room. Mattress was worn out. The bathroom was old and not clean. No phones in the rooms. The whole place was outdated and not well kept and the room did not smell good. Pictures on the web make it look great, but it's not. There were so many rules and you had to pay a deposit which wasn't refundable. I wanted to leave the minute I saw the room, but I would have lost the deposit. The rooms were $95.00 and deposit was $50.00.

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Gallagher Lake Lodge Motel Contact Information

Gallagher Lake Lodge Motel

Address of Gallagher Lake Lodge Motel
38865 97th St, RR2, S40/C7,
Oliver, British Columbia
Canada, V0H 1T0
Phone of Gallagher Lake Lodge Motel
(250) 498-2119
Website of Gallagher Lake Lodge Motel
Click here

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